Tax Prep Services

Taxes shouldn’t be a do-it-yourself project.

Not Everything is a DIY Job

You’ve got a busy life. Finding time for tax preparation is the last thing you want to be thinking about, especially after the holidays.

Tax prep is also confusing and complicated. Each year, taxpayers face an increasing number of new laws, forms, credits, and other hurdles.

Taxes shouldn’t be a do-it-yourself project. Tax prep software can be helpful and is a step up from paper forms, but it is still confusing and time-consuming to navigate on your own.

For a hassle-free tax season, hire a professional so you can get more time and money back to spend it how you want it.

Let Tax 29 Handle Your Tax Preparation


With the changing tax protocols, you need an experienced preparer to plan, execute, and manage all your tax preparation needs.


Tax 29’s team of professionals has a deep understanding of current tax laws so you don’t have to.


Tax 29 focuses on personal tax preparation. Its team of experts is highly efficient and passes the savings in money, and time, on to you.

Accurate & Easy

Break free from the hurdles of tax preparation and e-filing by partnering with Tax 29. We always stand behind our work, and our professional staff is committed to offering you superior tax preparation services.

Tax 29 provides a great degree of flexibility. Our tax offices are open year-round, offering appointments as well as accepting walk-in clients. Book an appointment with one of our professionals today, or stop in our office to get started.

Don't struggle with your taxes!